How to Delete Cache Files from Discord on Your Devices

How to Delete Cache Files from Discord on Your Devices
How to Delete Cache Files from Discord on Your Devices

Most apps that update feeds include a cache, and as that cache fills up, you can see performance concerns. A cache that has exceeded its limits may have various negative impacts, such as an apparent slowness, crashing, or incorrectly loading some items. It's crucial to wipe those caches out because of this periodically.

This also holds for Discord, which caches all URLs, photos, and videos that load on your frequently visited servers. Slower overall performance and other potential annoyances follow you guessed it. Fortunately, Discord can also use cache-clearing, so there is a way to restore regular operation.

Remember that each device you use to access Discord will have its local cache. The mobile app won't change if you empty it on your PC, and vice versa. Even if you use other versions sparingly, you don't always need to clean out the cache for all of them simultaneously, but it's something to think about doing occasionally.

Discord cache cleaning on Windows 

Regardless of your device, clearing Discord's cache is simple. However, the required procedures will vary significantly. Consequently, if you're using a Windows PC:

  • Stop using Discord.
  • Go to the Windows search menu and type "%appdata%" to find the Folder.
  • Open the Folder by choosing it from the search results.
  • The Discord folder can be found and opened.
  • The three specific folders, Cache, Code Cache, and GPUCache, are what you're looking for.
  • Drag each of the three folders to the recycle bin or use the drop-down menu on your right-click menu to choose "Delete" to remove them.
  • Open the Discord application.

You won't need to do anything further after Discord has restarted because it will automatically build fresh versions of the three destroyed folders. If there was considerable slowness, performance should improve. However, if you delete the cache as a preventive measure rather than a remedy, you might not see any difference.

Clearing the macOS Discord cache

Although the outcome is the same on Windows and macOS, Mac users must follow a slightly different path to find their Discord cache folders.

  • Remember to close the Discord app.
  • Go To Folder can be found at the bottom of the drop-down menu after choosing Go in the top menu of the Finder.
  • Choose the magnifying glass alternatively, which is located in the top-right corner.
  • Select the Discord folder from the search results after pasting "/Library/Application Support/discord" into the search field and press Return.
  • Find the Cache, Code Cache, and GPUCache folders in the Discord folder.
  • Drag each of the three folders to the Trash or use the right-click context menu to choose Move to Trash when you right-click them to delete them all.
  • Relaunch the Discord application.

Discord will automatically reconstruct all three deleted directories, just like Windows does when it starts up again. After completing the procedures above, all that is left for you to do is launch the program.

Android phone to delete the Discord cache

Compared to either computer option, things are slightly different with Android because the operating system wasn't intended for more complex file browsing. Instead:

  • Select Storage in the Settings app.
  • From the Storage menu, select Apps.
  • Select Discord from the list of apps by scrolling down.
  • Search for and select the Clear Cache option, then wait for the cache to clear. Under the Cache option in this menu, you can also see how much space the Discord cache has been using (before you clear it).
  • Open Discord again.

Remember to wait until the cache has wholly cleared before opening Discord again. Although it won't take more than a second or two, the process will take longer, the more significant the cache. Things should move more quickly once Discord is back up and running, or at the very least; it won't be for a while.

Clearing iOS's Discord cache

Despite how efficient iOS is usually, it doesn't provide direct cache-clearing for programs like Discord. Instead, you'll need to go around the issue by uninstalling the app first, then reinstalling it.

  • Select General from the menu after opening the Settings app (the gear icon).
  • Select Discord by scrolling down the list of apps and choosing iPhone Storage (or iPad Storage if you're using an iPad).
  • From the pop-up menu, select Delete App, and then select Delete App again to confirm deletion.
  • As an alternative, find the Discord app icon on your home screen and tap and hold it or a blank area of the screen until the icon begins to wiggle.
  • To delete an app, click the minus (-) sign, pick Delete App from the pop-up menu, and then click Delete again to confirm your selection.
  • Open the App Store after deleting Discord to download it again.

When you open Discord after installing it again, you should still be logged in if you were previously logged in when the app was erased. The app's cache should be less at this point, so it should start functioning somewhat more smoothly.

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