What is The Best Way To Test Your Home Connection's Internet Speed

What is The Best Way To Test Your Home Connection's Internet Speed
What is The Best Way To Test Your Home Connection's Internet Speed

You might believe that the connection speeds you pay for with your home internet service correspond to the speeds you experience throughout the day. Sadly, that's not the case. Although speeds vary throughout the day, if your service provider imposes data caps or throttles connections to preserve overall network performance, you might notice that speeds have stopped.

We've all experienced the telltale symptoms of a slow internet connection:

  • Frequent streaming lags.
  • Hiccups during conference calls.
  • Unsuccessful backup attempts.
  • Downloads that take an eternity.

It's typical practice for the 31% of Americans who are always online, according to PEW Research, to monitor internet speed. However, internet speed can significantly impact your browsing experience even if you only use the internet occasionally. You can do this easily using an internet speed test, whether an app or an online tool.

Almost all online sources agree that the Ookla speed test is one of the best internet speed tests to evaluate your home connection, even though not all home speed tests are made equal.

Why one of the top internet speed tests is Ookla

Ookla, one of the first speed tests on the internet, was founded in 2006, but that doesn't mean it's out of current. The most recent of these additions, the ability to gauge your network's capacity to handle 4K video streaming, shows how the company has evolved by including pertinent features and capabilities that have kept it competitive.

Ookla is a fantastic "all-rounder" speed test because it allows you to select which server you'd like to connect to when starting a test and view reported issues with your ISP after the test is finished. You can even save your speed test history if you establish an account and access it later.

According to Ookla, it runs about 10 million consumer-initiated daily tests on Speedtest.net and through its mobile, desktop, and TV apps. It claims that the following distinguishes it from its rivals: Consumer-driven testing measures your connection's total capacity while accurately evaluating internet speed.

Experts concur that Ookla is the gold standard, and it's not just us.

Many other respectable speed tests use Ookla's bandwidth diagnosis software since it is so precise and well-known, claims Digital Trends. Experts agree that its Speedtest Global Index is the gold standard for global internet speed.

There is unquestionably a benefit to this, as some comparisons, like the one provided by CNET, indicate that the banner adverts shown when performing a speed test may impact the accuracy of your results. Although there is a low likelihood that your ISP will challenge your data source, we won't rule it out or explore the possibility here if you share your Speedtest.net results or test history.

The best internet speed test will ultimately be the one you enjoy using, for whatever reason, among the many excellent solutions available to assess your home connection. Ookla is the winner in our eyes (and the eyes of many industry professionals).

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